Bad credit? No credit? Bankruptcy?


Bad Credit Car Loans

Not all of us have the best credit. There’s no shame in having less than perfect credit, because life happens to all of us and we can’t prepare for absolutely everything in life. If this applies to you in St. Louis or St. Peters, you can count on the bad credit car loans at Travers Automotive Group to give you the loan you need at a rate that works for you, even if your credit isn’t the best. We’ve got car loans for bad credit and more, so if you’re ready to get started, the team at Travers Automotive Group is ready to help with a payment calculator and more!

Tips on Improving Your Credit

The easiest way to save money on bad credit car loans is to improve your credit score. Here’s just a few tips the team at Travers Automotive Group have developed to ensure that you can get your credit score as high as possible:

  • Get all your hard credit checks in a 14 day period. The credit bureaus count all credit checks done within a 14 day period to be one credit check for the purpose of their calculations, so you have some sort of a grace period to keep yourself in check.
  • Pay off anything in collections first, then start on smaller debts and move up. Things like outstanding medical bills in collections should be paid first, and once you’re done with that, slowly work your way up from there.
  • If you’ve got a larger down payment, you’ll pay less over the life of your loan. Coming to the negotiating table with as large a down payment as you can won’t exactly reduce your interest rate, but it will lower the amount of the loan which will reduce your monthly payments.
  • Newer vehicles have lower interest rates. A new vehicle has the lowest interest rates, and they steadily increase as the model year of your potential next vehicle goes back in time. If you have the money for a new car, picking a new car might be able to lower your interest rate.

We’re Ready for You in O'Fallon

If you’re looking for something new in the car buying game, our team is ready to help you! Contact us today and you’ll get in touch with an automotive specialist who can help you find your perfect fit no matter how it presents itself to you.